Kua Takoto Te Mānuka – Mānuka and Land Utilisation Wānanga (29–30th January 2018)

This mp4 video is based on a Powerpoint presentation and audio recording of an oral presentation given to whānau who attended the Kua Takoto Te Mānuka – Mānuka and Land Utilisation Wānanga (29–30th January 2018). This presentation was titled Te Toi Ōhanga: Māori economics, innovation and land utilisation and provides an introduction to key ideas associated with: (i) what we mean by the English term ‘Māori economy’ and (ii) the emergence of a new approach to accounting that supports the Māori cultural wellbeing and survival goals of a distinctly Māori model of economics.

Conditions of use
This video recording has been made available to support non-commercial, educational activities. Elements of this presentation are covered under differing copyright and indigenous (Māori) knowledge protection including the full expression of kaitiakitanga and rangatiratanga. These rights and responsibilities include the use of visual images from the public domain. For this reason, no part of this digital publication may be reproduced or stored in a retrieval system in any form or by any means without the prior written permission of the various copyright owners, kaitiaki and rangatira. If you have questions concerning an intended use of this video presentation beyond viewing it online, in the first instance please contact support@ipansophy.com.

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