Nelson Tasman GPI accounting: developmental history of this model

The history of this model is intimately linked to an innovative period of planning and strategic policy development in Nelson Tasman that saw the emergence of a quite visionary regional economic development strategy (REDs). Unfortunately, the implementation of the REDs failed to obtain central Government backing and funding. Along with the Nelson economic development agency, this model is an important part of the legacy of this visionary era. Much like the regional economic development strategy itself, this model building effort has made way against all the real world challenges associated with ever shifting Government research funding priorities, a somewhat bewildering array of stakeholder aspirations for the future, significant changes in local government priorities linked with our current economic landscape and shifts in political support. We have made the effort to document this contextual/historical narrative in the final science report. While not directly relevant to the technical workings of the model itself, this history records valuable information about the practical challenges associated with integrative science in New Zealand and the efforts we are making to envisiona future beyond the calculus of market economic rationality.

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