Ecosystem services valuation of the Nelson Bays

This study is part of an MBI funded research programme that aims to: (i) build tools to achieve more effective inclusion of marine ecosystem values in economic tradeoffs, and (ii) to bring analysis of this kind into mainstream policy, planning and business decision-making.

This research involved a rapid ecosystem services assessment (RESA) of marine ecosystem services within the Nelson Bays located adjacent the Nelson Tasman regions of New Zealand. This study is based on the use of 23 different supporting, regulating, provisioning and non-material ecosystem services that are valued in terms of their role in 8 different coastal marine ecosystems (i.e. continental shelf, estuary, intertidal, lagoon, saltmarsh, seagrass, reefs and sand, beach and dunes). Rapid ecosystem services assessment of this marine study area is based on the use of a total economic value taxonomy for which only use-values have been estimated at this stage. Passive or non-use values have not been estimated at this time. Market and non-market valuation data for this study has been drawn from a range of sources including: regional economic accounts and the transfer of benefits from suitable published international and national studies. Spatial databases for coastal marine ecosystems in our study area have been used with modern GIS software to provide estimates of coastal marine ecosystem cover in hectares. As such, this valuation study mainly represents a supply-side assessment of ecosystem services value. Some adjustments have been made for demand-side estimates of value. However these corrections typically involve assumptions that are as yet unsubstantiated with field data.

Note: The short title of this research programme is ‘Marine ES Valuation’. The MBIE research contract reference number is MAUX1208. The MBIE investment process name is ‘2012 Environment – Smart Ideas’. The research proposal reference is ‘Prop-29905-ESI-MAU’.

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