Ma te matou ka ora: creating shared value through understanding our land and its potential

Co-creating land-based decision support and non-financial accounting tools with Wakatū Incorporation
A new project for iPansophy limited involves participation in an MBIE funded RS&T project with Wakatū Incorporation named Ma te matou ka ora – creating shared value through understanding our land and its potential.

Wakatū Incorporation
Based in Nelson, Wakatū Incorporation has approximately 4,000 shareholders (descendents from the original Māori land owners of the Nelson Tasman Regions – Te Tau Ihu) whose goals includes (i) preserving and enhancing their taonga tuku iho (i.e. a diverse portfolio including horticulture, commercial and residential property, and aquaculture) for the benefit of current and future generations through (ii) the expression of kaupapa tuku iho. This joint connect/placement proposal seeks to provide Whakatū incorporation with technical assistance, knowledge, research/innovation support and guidance to begin a mutli-staged process of moving their current primary production systems to higher levels of performance in areas including economic efficiency, social fairness, ecological sustainability and Māori cultural survival. Currently, limited support for these aspirations is provided by local government, industry certification and the market (e.g. operational models of ecological sustainability in New Zealand are largely developed by planning and policy staff in regional government). Similarly, management of horticultural land for export crops (kiwifruit, apples & wine) is based on industry certification systems such as GlobalGAP. These models do not adequately support the holistic wellbeing aspirations of the Wakatū Incorporation and in particular those associated with their horticultural operations.

PlusGroup, Waka Digital Limited, iPansophy Limited, Wakatū Incorporation Partnership
Collaborating with PlusGroup, Waka Digital Limited and iPansophy Limited, Wakatū Incorporation will utilise these partner’s research and innovation capabilities to: (i) develop land-based decision support tools (i.e. PROP- 48372-VMCF-PLUSGRP) that (ii) support movement from aspiration to best practice in the measurement of both financial and non-financial measurement of performance (i.e. PROP-48647-VMCF-IPANS).

iPansophy Limited
Building on our former research in the areas of economy-environment, kaupapa-tikanga and genuine progress indicator accounting, iPansophy Limited has responsibility for the placement project that will (i) build the internal capacity of Whakatū Incorporation to assess both economic and (Māori) cultural indicators through a mentoring and training process, (ii) identify an initial set of (Māori) cultural primary production (relevant) indicators that (iii) compliment existing economic performance indicators and (iv) be used to create a prototype kaupapa-tikanga accounting framework. This prototype framework will measure the non-financial performance of primary production (case study) systems in a way that employs explicit use and measurement of their (Māori) cultural values.




Waka Digital Limited

Wakatū Incorporation

iPansophy Limited

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