Manaaki Taha Moana (MTM): study outcomes

While we have gone to some lengths to document progress made in this study over the last 5 years, it is more difficult at this stage to draw concrete conclusions about how successful we have been in enhancing the expression of kaitiakitanga through the creation and adoption of new tikanga by participating, hapū, iwi and/or local kaitiaki. As indicated by the theoretical, technological and Māori cultural scope of this report, tangible progress has been made towards the fulfillment of the aims of this creative activity. Articulating this progress in a single report has presented a tremedous collaborative writing challenge. However, this report now provides a detailed and comprehensive treatment of this important field of study that will hopefully be of assistance to other Māori pūkenga and western science researchers seeking published references, analysis and synthesis of the many important themes presented in this report.

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