Nelson Tasman GPI accounting: an important contribution

This model building effort is what we have described as a prototype. Were we to rebuild the model now with these years of experience many changes would be made. Thus, the completed dynamic GPI accounting model is but the very first step in a much longer research journey. Having said this, the current model already provides valuable insights. In particular, the model clearly shows that the market economic value proposition that we as a community are currently working from involves collateral costs that we poorly understand, mainly because they are currently not visible in accounting terms. The need for adequate accounting is arguably even more important at a time when the current National government is so highly focused on achieving economic growth outcomes in response to global economic instability. Given this context, we feel that the research outlined in this report makes an important contribution towards better understanding and addressing community wellbeing problems that exist in, but also extend beyond Nelson Tasman and the Motueka catchment.

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