Nelson Tasman GPI accounting: policy science

The completed dynamic Genuine Progress Indicator (GPI) accounting model combines local expert knowledge and scientific theory in the creation of a tool that contributes to a number of theory/practice domains. First, the model has been designed and created to meet the practice needs of Nelson Tasman, local government, planning and policy staff in their legislative responsibilities associated with the Resource Management Act (1991) and Local Government Act (2002). Second, the architecture of this model has been strongly influenced by the aspirations and management needs of community stakeholders within the Motueka catchment. While the model is technically quite advanced, the outputs of this model are directly relevant to the on-ground management needs of community members and business leaders wanting to move beyond the short term logic of market economics. Third, while this model is based on well-established scientific theory and mathematical method, it makes what we believe to be, important contributions towards the fields of genuine progress indicator accounting and integrative science. As such, the model provides a valuable set of reference points from which to view and reflect on our current performance as a community.

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