Nelson Tasman GPI accounting: running the model in ‘business-as-usual’ mode

A business-as-usual run of the dynamic GPI accounting model unveils important aspects of the current ‘qualitative’ performance of the Nelson Tasman and Motueka local economies in broader ecological and social accounting terms. These results provide cause for concern that should lead to questions being asked about some of the economic fundamentals that we as New Zealand society (generally) and a local community (specifically) have readily taken for granted. Our GPI book keeping shows that the local Nelson Tasman economy is currently making economic progress while carrying quite large ecological and social account deficits. In monetary accounting terms, it will take some very creative book keeping and management to re-position this account ledger in the black as we move into the future. These results are of course subject to all the limiting assumptions of this model building work. However, as model builders it is our considered opinion that this business-as-usual run of the current model is based on conservative assumptions. More detailed research effort is unlikely to improve the current performance of this model accounting system in a way that substantially alleviates the account deficits here described.

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