Origins and mission of Te Toi Ōhanga

Te Toi Ōhanga is a whānau business, the origins of which maybe explained as follows.

Our first company (i.e. Pansophy Limited) was incorporated as a New Zealand company on the 22nd of August 2006 and initially provided a legal basis for our transdisciplinary research and educational activities. On the 21stof December 2016, following an unsuccessful attempt to Trademark the name ‘Pansophy Limited’, we officially changed the name of Pansophy Limited to ‘iPansiophy Limited™’. This event was more than a name change. In keeping with pansophic tradition, it signalled our intention to refocus the mission of iPansophy Limited™ on (digital) publishing that supports transdisciplinary research and education. In 2017 we began a further stage of development involving the relocation of our Kappa Māori and indigenous transdisciplinary research activities under the new brand name ‘Te Toi Ōhanga: the New Zealand institute of Māori economic development and innovation™’. The mission of Te Toi Ōhanga is to reclaim the mātau of our tūpuna, reframe it in a modern-day context and re-instate the mana of Te Aho Matua, Te Aho Matua whānau o Rangi rāua ko Papatūānuku (transl. the Māori cultural economy).

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