Te Rere Kāhui: pilot survey results (2017)

This report contains results and analysis of a pilot survey named Te Rere Kāhui that was conducted 2016– 2017 and aimed to better understand the current Māori membership database, creation, development and enduse experiences of 13 participating rōpū tikanga Māori. The Māori name ‘Te Rere Kāhui’ can be translated into English as ‘flying together’. This pilot project is thus a first step towards a national scale project that aims to actively involve rōpū tikanga Māori in a collaborative dialogue aimed at:

  1. (i)  understanding the current and future membership database data, information and knowledge needs of rōpū tikanga Māori,
  2. (ii)  developing data standards to create the optimal membership database for rōpū tikanga Māori,
  3. (iii)  exploring how best practices, policies and protocols can be collectively created by Te Rere Kāhui participants for building membership databases.
  4. (iv)  working with rōpū tikanga Māori to ensure that data for and about Māori is used in collaborative ways that create value for Māori communities.


Reference and download link

Cole, A. O. me ōna tūpuna and McCallion, A. (2017) Special issue on information technology and systems: results and analysis of the Te Rere Kāhui pilot survey with participating hapū of Te Arawa (2016-2017). Kōrero Māori report 11, (pp. 98). Tauranga, New Zealand. iPansophy Limited Digital Publishing. [Download]



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