What are ecosystem services?

Special Issue on Ecosystem Services (part 2)
This report is part 2 in a special issue on the role of ecosystem services thinking and methods in measuring, better understanding and tracking progress towards the goals of Māori cultural well-being and survival. In this report we seek to answer the question ‘what are ecosystem services’? Explanation of the term ‘ecosystem services’ includes consideration of its use as: (i) a name for benefits humans receive from nature, (ii) a market economic conception of the human-nature relationship, (iii) a way of explaining how the natural world works, (iv) a name for well-being indicators, (v) a method of measurement and (vi) a new economic commodity and market. The limitations of an ecosystem services approach are briefly outlined in a way that shows the benefits of maintaining and enhancing a Māori cultural perception of reality as described by the late Rev. Māori Marsden.

Reference and download link

Cole, A. O. me ōna tūpuna and Cole, E. E. (2018) Special issue on ecosystem services thinking and methods (part 2/6) – What are ecosystem services? kōrero Māori report 6, (pp. 39).  Tauranga, New Zealand. iPansophy Limited Digital Publishing. [Download]


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