Characterisation of the landscape of Māori knowledge development

This monograph attempts to characterise in visual and written from what we refer to as a‘contemporary landscape of Māori knowledge development’. Report 2 in this Whakatupu Wahapū Ora report series makes reference to the existence of a Māori knowledge development continuum. In this report we describe and explore this idea in a way that focuses attention on 3 parts of this continuum that can be used to visually and conceptually represent a contemporary landscape of Māori knowledge development. Our use of a ‘continuum’ concept is an attempt to include and affirm the importance of all contributions to Māori knowledge development that support the goals of Māori cultural wellbeing and survival.

References and download link

Cole, A. O. me ōna tūpuna (2019) Special issue on engaging with hapū (part 3/7) – Characterisation ofthe landscape of Māori knowledge development. Kōrero Māori report 17. Tauranga, New Zealand: iPansophy Limited Digital Publishing. [Download]


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