Te Wānanga o kaupapa Māori

This monograph explores two questions related to the creative activities and published work of our Māori pūkenga in the western academy. First, we seek to better understand just what our Māori pūkenga in the western academy have written about kaupapa Māori creative activity. Second, we grapple with the question of how to create a written ‘kaupapa Māori’literature review that is better aligned to the expression of kawa, kaupapa and tikanga.

This report contains a review of written literature on the topic of kaupapa Māori creative activity that is based on what we here refer to and describe as a ‘kaupapa Māori literature review’. The addition of the name ‘kaupapa Māori’ to ‘literature review’ indicates our intention to create a tikanga of literature review that is, as far as possible, consistent with, and able to give expression to kawa and kaupapa. This is clearly an ambitious undertaking and while likely to be incomplete, it is our hope that the content of this report will assist in making a contribution towards this aspiration – ideally, one that others can also build on.

This new approach to writing a literature review is spread across 2 reports in this Whakatupu Wahapū Ora series. Report 5 contains what we here describe as a written wānanga on the topic of kaupapa Māori creative activity. Report 6 draws on what is presented in report 5 (sections 2–10) to create a written whāriki (cf. synthesis). When read together, reports 5 and 6 can be thought of as essential parts of a ‘kaupapa Māori literature review’. As a distinctly Māori cultural review of written literature on kaupapa Māori, report 5 also provides evidential support to the ‘written synthesis’ contained in report 6.

Reference and download link

Cole, A. O. me ōna tūpuna (2019) Special issue on engaging with hapū (part 5/7) – Te Wānanga o kaupapa Māori. Kōrero Māori report 19. Tauranga, New Zealand: iPansophy Limited Digital Publishing. [Download]


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