Te whāriki o kaupapa Māori

This monograph draws on the perceptions of a written wānanga on kaupapa Māori (Cole, 2019e) to create a written synthesis of emerging kōrero on kaupapa Māori. Reports 5  and 6 in this Whakatupu Wahapū Ora report series are 2 written contributions towards the creation of a distinctly kaupapa Māori literature review. We have positioned this synthesis report as number six in the Whakatupu Wahapū Ora report series in order to appropriately treat the mana of our central theme (i.e. engaging with hapū) by providing a wide-angle view of: (i) our own aspirations in engaging with hapū (report 1), (ii) the role of literature method in hapū engagement (report 2), (iii) the contemporary landscape of Māori knowledge development as a basis for understanding hapū engagement (report 3) and (iv) the challenges of funding kaupapa Māori creative activities in a commercial science environment – as a basis for hapū engagement(report 4).

These varied themes provide an important foundation for reports 5 and 6 which focus attention (primarily) on the emergence of kaupapa Māori thinking and practice in the western academy. These various strands are brought together in this report with further kōrero and learnings from our own reflective practice and published writings. In this report, we attempt to create a synthesis of kaupapa Māori kōrero as a basis for exploring the question of hapū engagement in report 7.

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Cole, A. O. me ōna tūpuna (2019) Special issue on engaging with hapū (part 6/7) – Te whāriki o kaupapa Māori. Kōrero Māori report 20. Tauranga, New Zealand: iPansophy Limited Digital Publishing. [Download]


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